Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Food photos in Seattle, WE got blogged about!

Take a look, here we are getting blogged about from our favorite photography duo, Mark Smith and Mathew Lovette of Jumping Rocks Photography, the guys who portray our Inn and so many other bed and breakfasts across the country to our potential guests. As former innkeepers themselves, they know just what guests are looking for in a photo and more importantly, in a great Bed and Breakfast Inn.

Food is a big part of our experience here at the Chambered Nautilus, so on this photo shoot in September we decided not only to take some great pics of the food but also of yours truly in the kitchen and the making of one of our favorite breakfast dishes. Check out the story here:

We had a lot of fun, took some great photos, made some great food, and yes in the story, that is Mathew, camera in hand standing on our kitchen counter, ready to shoot these very pictures, not only of the Spiced Peaches, but also me, your innkeeper, doing one of the things I truly love best, making all of you some great food to start your day with here at our Seattle Bed and Breakfast Inn!

Enjoy the story, the pictures, and come join us for breakfast in Seattle soon!

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