Saturday, February 18, 2012

Night Out In Wallingford

Last Friday eve we decided to treat ourselves to a night out Seattle-style, or even more specifically Wallingford-style. Wallingford is a great Seattle neighborhood located just about a 10 minute drive west of our Seattle Bed and Breakfast (right on the #44 bus line for those of you not driving) and home to some really great restaurants and a very famous Seattle ice cream parlor.

I have wanted to try Tilth Restaurant for quite some time, as our guests have given it great reviews, it is well written up and was one of the very first organic and sustainable restaurants in the country. Actually, when they opened in 2006, I think they were the 2nd such restaurant in the country. So at the last minute we jumped online, got a table for 8:45 and off we went. The first sign that this was gonna be a great night was that we scored a fabulous parking place right on 45th street, just a block or so from the restaurant, and the rain let up so it was a nice walk. Tilth is located in what was once a small house, so it is just like walking up to the front porch, ringing the bell and getting let into the front door.

It did not disappoint! From the Craft Cocktails Menu, Steve had a "Fred and Ginger" and I had a Lions something or other. I may have forgotten the name but not the taste, and the bartender graciously gave me the recipe so I could mix one up at home. Good thing cause otherwise I might have been tempted to sample one too many. I digress...shortly after we sipped the cocktails, salads arrived (thumbs up to the romaine with feta, beets and pecans) and was followed by entrees that did not disappoint. Hanger Steak for me and the famous Mini Duck Burgers for Steve. The wine list looked great but we stuck with cocktails.

The dessert menu looked tasty too and I was tempted to try Theo's Chocolate Cake but we passed on dessert at Tilth, as we remembered that the famous ice cream parlor was conveniently located just between Tilth and our car.

So off we went, on the way back to the car we stopped in at Molly Moon's Ice Cream. The Wallingford store was her first one in Seattle, and while I'm certainly a long time fan of Molly Moon's Ice Cream, this was my first visit to the Wallingford location. I recommend the Scout Mint with hot fudge; Steve went with the Salted Caramel Sundae. It is impossible to go wrong here, well worth the wait to get into this wonderful place, even if the line is out the door! Again we scored, no line at all and I got to sample a few varieties before settling on my Scout Mint.

All in all it was a very nice Friday eve, out in one of Seattle's great neighborhoods located right at the doorstep of our Seattle Bed and Breakfast.

Joyce Schulte
Owner / Innkeeper
Chambered Nautilus Bed and Breakfast Inn

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