Thursday, April 5, 2012

Seattle Public Transport makes getting to our Seattle Inn a breeze!

Getting to our Seattle Bed and Breakfast from the Seattle-Tacoma Airport ( known as Sea-Tac) has never been easier. Now that Seattle's light rail system has been up and running for a long while, every time I come home from a trip I take public transportation back to the Inn. It saves me money and allows me to save a little fossil fuel on the trip home. This is so easy I thought I should tell you all how it works. The trip involves taking the light rail from the airport to downtown - to the Westlake Stop at the end of the line. Once downtown you can either grab a cab to the Inn (as of this writing it will run about $20) or hop on a bus that will take you within a short walk.

Once you have landed, get off the plane and head to baggage claim. Of course public transport works best if you don't have a lot of luggage, but head to baggage claim even if you are a carry-on only person. There you will see signs guiding you to Link Light Rail. You will go up an escalator, over a sky bridge and into the parking garage. It's cool but covered these spring days - so no rain worries. Keep following the signs and in about a 10 minute walk you will be at the light rail terminal. You can buy tickets at the kiosk there.

The tickets have a few options. The light rail from the airport to Downtown will cost you $2.75 per person and you get a paper ticket. Alas, this will not transfer so the bus from downtown will cost you another $2.50. Now....If you plan to use public transport while you are in Seattle (and it is very easy to take the bus from our Inn to most Seattle attractions) then I would recommend that you buy an ORCA card at the kiosk instead of a paper ticket. The card will cost you $5.00 can use it on the light rail and on the bus, and you can put as much money on the card as you think you will use while you are in town. With the card the trip from the airport to our Inn will cost you about $3.25. To help you figure out how much to put on the card....a trip from our Inn to downtown and back will at most cost you $5.50 total per person at peak time ($ 5.00 non peak). Besides you will look like a real Seattleite when you get on the bus and just "tap" your ORCA card to pay!

So now you have your ticket, you can just get on the train. The airport is the end of the line so all departing trains are headed into town. Hop on and settle in. You will be on the train for about 35-40 minutes. Part of the ride is above ground so you can take in the views and sights right away. As you approach downtown, the train will go into a tunnel. To come straight here, take the train to the last stop at Westlake. Once at Westlake you can take the escalator up to street level and grab a cab or continue on with public transport.

After departing the train, taking the bus is simple. You do not have to go anywhere at all. You are right at the bus stop for the 71, 72, or 73 bus (buses and trains run in the same tunnel downtown). One of these buses comes about every 10 minutes but I think the most I have ever waited is 5 min. You get on anyone of these - the 71, 72, or 73 express buses - and get off at 45th street and University Way. The bus will stop just past 45th street. I am always amazed at how quickly the express buses get you to the University of Washington neighborhood, known as the U-district, in Seattle.

You tap your ORCA card as you get off, walk back to 45th street and hang a left. Stay on the left hand side of the street, and keep going until you reach 22nd Ave NE. Take a left. You will pass the main entrance to UW at 17th Ave, and Chambered Nautilus is at 5005 22nd Ave NE. There is a sign out front and, of course, the big blue colonial house does kind of stand out!

Next stop, our living room, your comfy room and of course we will be there to welcome you with a smile! We will have tea, cookies, and treats, all out and ready for you!

Joyce Schulte
Owner / Innkeeper
Chambered Nautilus Bed and Breakfast Inn

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