Sunday, April 1, 2012

Remodeling the Ravenna Suite: part 1, the bathroom

seattle bed & breakfastOK, how many of our guests remember this at our Seattle Bed & Breakfast?! Yep it is the now infamous (and gone) pink tile in our Ravenna Suite at the Chambered Nautilus Bed and Breakfast Inn. Infamous because not many inns were brave enough to have pink tile - yes original pink tile directly from the 1950s - in one of their bathrooms. Well, we were and we hope you all have enjoyed and cringed a little at it over the years. After all, some of you have stayed in the suite many times.

But this year was the year we redid the Ravenna Suite at our Seattle Bed and Breakfast. From top to bottom, we redid everything from the ceiling (added some soundproofing up there) to the floors. We completely refinished them, and did something to almost everything in between creating an updated modern and oh-so-much-lighter-and-brighter suite for you at our Seattle Inn.

But, this post is about the bathroom. Gone is the pink tile; in is the black and white tile, a gleaming white tub, new toilet, and best of all a bright new color. Oh yeah, and a new sink and well, this bathroom, it just makes me smile!
seattle bed and breakfast

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