Thursday, April 19, 2012

Remodeling: Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend

seattle wa bed and breakfast tub
Saying goodbye to an old friend is just what it felt like at our Seattle WA Bed and Breakfast when this little guy went away.

I know it is just a clawfoot tub but still it will always have a special place in my heart. When we first bought the Seattle B&B (almost 16 years ago), and remodeled the Crow's Nest bathroom for the first time, I painted this tub a lovely teal to match the scheme of the bath at that time and I had fun doing it!

But times change, guests change, plumbing changes, and sometimes remodeling is just in order. So this sweet little tub is off to the folks at the Seattle RE Store (a great place that recycles and facilitates reclaiming building materials, helping us all stay greener) to find it a new home and we are making big changes to the Crow's Nest Chamber's bathroom. Out with the clawfoot tub/shower and in with a new walk-in, custom tiled shower. I always knew there was space for a great shower in there! Oh and we raised the ceiling too, something we know our tall guests will appreciate. It always was a little tight in that bath but no more. Our contractor, the wonderful John Brown and associates have raised the ceiling, created a wonderful new space and are working on a great walk-in tiled shower in the Seattle bed and breakfast bathroom.

So thanks to all our tall guests over the years who have ducked in the shower while enjoying a stay in our fabulous Crow's Nest Chamber. Those days are now over. While it is still a little sad to say goodbye to the tub.... I hope you like the changes. Pictures will come soon, it is not quite ready for the unveiling yet!

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Chambered Nautilus Bed and Breakfast Inn

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